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In-situ formation of SiC, ZrB2-SiC and ZrB2-SiC-B4C-YAG coatings for high temperature oxidation protection of C/C composites

Si3N4, (ZrO2+B4C?+?Si) and (ZrB2+SiC?+?B4C?+?Y2O3+Al2O3) were used as precursors for in-situ formation of SiC, ZrB2-SiC and ZrB2-SiC-B4C-YAG coatings respectively. The oxidation behavior of coated C/C composites was studied by cyclic oxidation in air at temperatures between 1500?°C and 1700?°C. The SiC coating exhibited the lowest weight loss at 1500?°C and 1600?°C. After initial mass loss for two cycles of oxidation at 1500?°C, the ZrB2-SiC coating was found to provide the best protection by the precipitated ZrO2 in SiO2 glass at 1700?°C. The ZrB2-SiC-B4C-YAG coating performed well at 1700?°C with the formation of a complex YAG glass containing ZrB2/ZrO2.

» Author: R.V. Krishnarao, Md. Zafir Alam, D.K. Das

» Reference: Corrosion Science

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This project has received funding from the European Union Seventh Framework Programme (FP7/2007-2013) under grant agreement n° [609149].

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