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The China Edit – May 2018

30 May 2018

The China Edit is a monthly curation of business news and reports which have a direct impact on the Chinese - and global - composites industry

Chinese take away another German firm, eventually
Last September, China’s Advanced Technology & Materials – a subsidiary of the state-owned China Iron & Steel Research Institute Group – made a more than €100 million ($118 million) move for a 75 percent stake in Cotesa. But before the deal could go through, Germany’s increasingly rattled economics ministry intervened and set about a thorough investigation into its national security implications. After months of frustration and delay, it finally gave the green light.
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Shanghai to Los Angeles in 5 hours? Why supersonic air travel could boom in Asia
This spring, Ctrip -- Asia's largest travel services provider, with 300 million registered users -- became Boom's first strategic partner from China. "China promises to be one of the largest markets for supersonic air travel. The demand for air travel is incredibly strong," Victor Tseng, chief commercial officer of Ctrip, tells CNN Travel.
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Who is making fake carbon fiber frames ?
Chinese manufacturers sculpting hundreds of thousands of high-end carbon frames for leading marques would be risking far too much to make fakes. The Asian composites manufacturing scene is complex but, for simplicity's sake, there are three carbon factory tiers in China: "cream," "competent," and "cowboy."
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Chinese, American scientists make super-tough carbon sheets at low temperature
"These sheets might eventually replace the expensive carbon fiber composites that are used for everything from aircraft and automobile bodies to windmill blades and sports equipment," said Ray Baughman, professor of chemistry at University of Texas.
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China Reveals Another ‘Growler’
Shenyang Aircraft Corporation (SAC) of China is developing the J-15D, a dedicated carrier-borne electronic warfare fighter. New photographs of the J-15D with jamming pods and primer coating were circulating the Internet in early May, with Chinese observers dubbing the airplane the "China Growler" or "Growler Shark" after the J-15 Flying Shark. The photos also suggest that composite materials have been used for the elevator, flaps, air brakes, and vertical stabilizer.
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Chinese US$111,000 electric sports car impresses at Beijing Auto Show
This year’s show is significant for some key reasons: China is beginning to open up its automobile market after two decades of restrictions on how much foreigners can own in local car ventures; secondly, the electric vehicle juggernaut is beginning to gather steam; and then there’s a looming trade war.
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Auto China 2018 : NEV models from Chinese auto startups
AIWAYS, one of Chinese internet-based EV startup, recently revealed the designing image of its first pure electric coupe, the AIWAYS RG. The new model, mainly designed by Roland Gurnpert, father of Audi quattro as well as founder and CEO of Gumpert, will be unveiled at Auto China 2018. Strikingly, the model adopts material of ultra-high-rigid steel and carbon fiber for its body.
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