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Fast Cost-Effective Carbon Fibre Tooling Solution

4 Jun 2019

Sponsored News - CFP Composites have launched a unique high performance yet cost-effective carbon tooling solution called 360. 360 is simple and fast for manufacturers to use.


CFP Composites have launched a unique high performance yet cost-effective carbon tooling solution called 360.
360 is simple and fast for manufacturers to use.

To get from the board to a finished component is a simple 4 stage process, which is potentially 80 hours faster than existing carbon prepreg based tooling processes, enabling this shop floor time to be utilised elsewhere, enhancing productivity and ultimately profitability.

360 also allows the design, prototype and production phases to be greatly accelerated: end users can go from ordering 360 to having a finished component is a matter of a few days! Helped by the fact that CFP are able to deliver 360 in large volumes in less than 7 days.

It is not only fast but has outstanding material performance.
The material has a very low CTE which means it is extremely thermally stable and durable.

Furthermore, it is straightforward to machine with conventional cutting tools, bond together with off the shelf structural adhesives and there is no need to seal the machined surfaces; simply, apply a few coats of Chemlease® 2710 release agent and off you go!

Stephen Philipson, CFP’s Business Development Director, a veteran of the composite industry, commented as follows:
“360 is the solution the industry has been waiting for, a material that has Invar like and carbon fibre composite tooling performance but takes all the hassle and time out of making a tool for production. As OEM’s push the supply chain to deliver faster, 360 is the perfect product to enable this to happen, but at a cost-effective price point”.

360 is produced in sheets of up to 1.3m x 0.8m from 5mm to 20mm thicknesses. Sheets are easily bonded vertically for deep profiles or horizontally for large surface area component manufacture.

The materials are manufactured at CFP’s 28,000 sq ft manufacturing facility 20 minutes outside of Birmingham in the centre of the UK. CFP’s process and products are patented globally.

Simon Price, CFP’s Managing Director, commented as follows:
‘360 is another highly disruptive product from CFP Composites. There is a clear technology gap in the tooling market, and we feel 360 fills that gap perfectly. It enables us to deliver multi-faceted value to our customers, both in terms of time and performance”


Contact: Stephen Philipson, Business Development Director
Direct Telephone: +44 (0) 779 500 5813

CFP Composites Head Office: +44 (0) 121 647 2061

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