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Biocide self-cleaning coating from inorganic compounds

An Italian university research group active in the field of material science, has developed an innovative biocide self-cleaning coating from inorganic compounds

The last frontiers in the fight against bacteria and fungi that are pathogenic for men or animals, are represented by the development of new and powerful disinfectant strategies based on traditional chemical compounds or functionalized coatings.
The former method is pollutant and might induce bacterial resistance. For this reason, a great attention is paid in the development of biocide coatings that assured environmental sustainability and low management costs.
These coatings are characterized by the chemical linkage or the immobilization between inorganic - organic bactericidal compounds, and the polymeric matrix.
Whereas organic compounds are rarely used due to their cost and troublesome immobilization, the usage of inorganic composites is increasingly emerging as alternative solution.
For example, the combination of silver ions and titanium dioxide are of utmost interest as they combine activity both in dark and lighten environment, the efficient and rapid action of the metal ions and the durability over longer time of exposure of titanium dioxide.
The proposed technology is based on nano-sized Titanium dioxide (TiO2) anatase and silver ion (Ag+) supported on ultra-porous nano-sized glass spheres incorporated in organic and organic - inorganic hybrid resins.
This method involves the dispersion of the inorganic fillers inside a number of solvent or waterborne thermosetting resins by shear mixing and addition of surfactants. The final result is a homogenous suspension of the biocide principles (the nano-fillers) inside a variety of resins, which might be then deposited on the surface to protect by spraying or other conventional deposition techniques.

The research group is looking for industrial companies or research centres active in automotive, domestic appliances and textile sectors interested in self-cleaning coating. The type of partnership considered is a technical cooperation agreement for the adaptation of the technology to specific needs.

» Reference: TOIT20171108001/ITALY

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This project has received funding from the European Union Seventh Framework Programme (FP7/2007-2013) under grant agreement n° [609149].

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