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Ukraine research institute offers cheap innovative product used as protective coating of sowing material and plants in agriculture under distribution services agreement

Ukrainian institute offers low-cost film-forming water polyurethane dispersions for potential partners under distribution services agreement. It can be used as: protective and immunostimulating coatings of sowing material and plants; anti-transplants for reducing water shortages and optimizing the production process of grain crops under drought conditions.

Partnership(s) sought
  • Distribution services agreement
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Research Institute is one of the leaders in the area of molecular chemistry research in Ukraine. It has been operating more than 60 years and has developed many innovative products, which are used by various industries in Ukraine.

The main areas of activity of the research Institute:
- chemistry, physical chemistry and technology of functional polymers and composites on their basis;
- Theoretical bases for the modification of polymers and composites on their basis by natural polymers and products of low tonnage chemistry - reactive oligomers and surface-active substances, aprements, plasticizers, etc.;
- scientific principles of the formation of functional organo-inorganic polymers and composites based on natural compounds;
- the theoretical basis for the formation of polymers for medical purposes.
Waterborne film-forming polyurethane dispersions.

The latest developments of Research Institute are film-forming water polyurethane dispersions (WPD) and polymeric materials on their basis. The main areas of usage of this product are:
? in the leather, textile, furniture industries and others as adhesives and decorating, impregnating, praising, protective coatings;
? in the agriculture as:
- a basis for creating the protective and immune-stimulating coatings for sowing material and plants;
-antitranspirants to reduce water deficit and to optimize the production process of grain crops in drought conditions;
-binders for granulation of biologically active substances.

So, currently the research Institute is looking for potential partners that could buy the developed product for their own use or distributors which could sell it on the agricultural, leather, textile or furniture European or World market

Developed film-forming water polyurethane dispersions (WPD) and polymeric materials on their basis have many advantages compare to its analogues:
? Ecological purity, (dispersion medium is water).
? The properties of dispersions and based film materials are determined by the composition and the purpose of their use.
? Adhesion to different metal and non-metal materials (genuine leather, fabric/cotton, paper, cardboard, wood, glass, foam polyurethane). Adhesives can be used at normal, elevated temperatures (up to 100° C), at the thermal pressing (up to 140-160° C) owing to high thermal resistance).
? Increasing of commodity qualities of leather, textile and furniture industry.
? Reduction of water consumption in irrigated agriculture and increasing of ecological quality of agricultural products.
? The use of renewable raw materials of natural (plant oils, di- and polysaccharides) or biotechnological (xanthan) origin allows to reduce the use of synthetic petrochemical raw materials, and also to increase the ability of these materials for degradation under environmental conditions at the end of their use.
? Can serve as the basis for polyacrylate-polyurethane paints with biological activity.

Some physical and chemical properties of developed dispersions are described below:
? Appearance: Movable liquid color from milky white to opalescent
? Dry substance content (concentration) in the dispersion: 20-25%, concentration up to 30% is possible;
? Dilution with water up to 0.3%;
? ??: 6,7 - 9,0;
? Stability over time is more than 5 years;
? Viscosity: 69-400 ?ps = 0,069-0,4 Pa?sec (20-25%)
? Average particle size: 50-400 nm
? Vegetable oils content of: 10-50% in the dry substance of dispersion;

Some physical and chemical properties of film materials are described below:
? Appearance: Transparent films from colorless to yellowish;
? Tensile Strength, ?P?: 4,9-25,0 up to 48-52(amplified formula);
Elasticity, %: 300- 1470.
? Adhesion to the metal (steel, aluminium alloys): X-cutting test, grade: = 1.
? Heat resistance: decomposition start temperature 200-250° ?.
? Possible bioactivity.

Socio buscado:

- Specific area of activity of the partner: The research institute is looking for companies which work in agriculture or the leather, textile, furniture industries, and which would be interested in buying or distribution the developed product.

Advantages & innovations:

Developed dispersions are cheaper than the known analogues due to the use of cheap natural regenerative materials in these dispersions instead of oil raw materials. The use of these dispersions reduces water consumption in agriculture, increases the ecological quality of agricultural products and reduces the negative ecological influence on the environment.

Development Stage:

Available for demonstration - On request, manufacturing and supplying small batches of film-forming aqueous dispersions is carried out.



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This project has received funding from the European Union Seventh Framework Programme (FP7/2007-2013) under grant agreement n° [609149].

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